Our Team


About Car0le Mourad,PhD.   Founder & CEO

Carole is a Cyber Security and Information Assurance professional with over 20 years of multidisciplinary research, analysis and development experience in the scientific and network security arenas.  Carole earned her Ph.D. from MIT in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the University of New Mexico in Electrical and Computer Engineering and her M.S. and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

Carole has been passionate about Science and Mathematical Engineering all her life starting a career focused in quantum electronics and engineering and progressively entering the cybersecurity domains. She is currently an AT&T DIR NSOC (Network Security and Operations Center) Security Analyst consultant, where she is an enthusiastic lead member of the team providing services to Texas State agencies, discovering and analyzing vulnerabilities to provide suggested countermeasures to prevent intrusions or data loss.

In addition, Carole is a Faculty Member at the University of Fairfax (UoF), Vienna VA where she has been teaching online graduate courses in Cyber Security since 2010. She has been serving as a dissertation faculty chair and advisor to the UoF graduate programs since 2010. Her areas of expertise include: security risk, vulnerability assessments and management, cloud computing and security and biometrics. She advises her students in writing their proposed research plan for their doctoral research studies.


About Joe Ramirez, CTO
Joe Ramirez is an unorthodox problem solver who enjoys figuring out the things that most people say can't be done. This has come in handy when solving problems both conventional and unconventional for organizations like NASA, the DoD and the commercial world. This has proven valuable when testing and improving the security posture of a networked system. Joe has earned his BS in Computer Science from Texas State University.
Joe brings brings very broad and very specialized skills to every project as well as extensive experience in science, technology and cybersecurity. He is currently a Cyber Code Developer for Macaulay-Brown, Inc and has extensive software development skills. He writes code in any language and environment as needed and as optimally efficient as possible. He has worked on projects such as qualifying and approving Ipv6 systems to a DoD Network and has Performed Information Assurance and penetration testing of systems connecting to the DSN (Defense Switched Network).
In addition, Joe has worked on evaluating applications and systems from multiple vendors to be approved for the Government Approval Products List. Joe is an expert on Applied STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides) to harden security on systems requiring expertise in various operating systems (Windows, Linux and other UNIX based OSs) including various database systems such as DB2, SQLServer, Oracle and others.
Performed Information Assurance and Penetration Testing at various bases.